Eco Friendly Hotels

Eco friendly hotels what they are and why choose them

What are eco friendly hotels and where are they located? A new way of seeing tourism

Eco-friendly hotels are newly designed hotels that meet high standards of environmental and social sustainability.

What are eco friendly hotels

Eco-friendly hotels are normal hotels that are committed to respecting and protecting the environment through efficient energy practices, recycling and reuse and the supply of zero kilometer organic food products. It is not easy to find eco hotels in Italy because there are not many as they are a bit of a novelty also dictated by the increasingly pressing needs of climate change that require attention to the climate and the planet, but are spreading more and more.

Eco friendly hotels respect the rules of sustainable tourism with low environmental impact. The food that is offered to guests comes absolutely from organic farming, sometimes it can happen that the prices are slightly higher, but the quality of the service offered is high and in addition by choosing an ecological hotel we make a responsible and ethical choice, helping to pollute less the environment.

Other aspects that characterize an eco friendly hotel are the correct management and use of water, separate waste collection. In some cases the building is built according to the criteria of sustainable architecture and green building with photovoltaic and high efficiency systems.

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How to recognize an eco hotel?

In general, eco hotels in addition to having certifications from international organizations, these hotels are modern architectures, often surrounded by greenery or in any case outside residential areas, in quiet areas.

But this is not enough to recognize a green hotel, we can also find other points:

  • In eco friendly hotels, non-toxic detergents and biodegradable laundry detergents are used for cleaning;
  • Sheets, towels and bed linen are made with 100% organic cotton;
  • The eco hotel is attentive to energy consumption by using renewable sources (for example: photovoltaic panels) and passive systems such as large windows to the south and other measures;
  • Artificial lighting should also be low energy consumption;
  • At breakfast and possibly at dinner, genuine zero kilometer organic products should be served;
  • Presence of plants and greenery inside the building and large windows to let in as much natural light as possible;
  • They enhance the local culture and also offer other services such as art, history, culture and sport;
  • Often they are B&Bs, or medium-small hotels, family-run and surrounded by greenery.

Why choose an eco hotel for our holidays?

The answer is simple, choosing an eco hotel for our holidays is an option that will help improve the quality of our holiday, and improve the quality of the planet. Eco hotels join the so-called sustainable tourism network; in fact today all hotels should be ecological and we should begin to rethink classic tourism as we have conceived it until now.

Eco friendly hotels are not the solution, but one of the possible concrete answers to the defense of the environment, so when we have to choose the hotel where to stay for our holiday, it is worth refining the search on the internet a little more to find eco hotels. Many green hotels also allow you to bring our best four-legged friends, dogs and cats with you, without having to leave them at home.

Although eco-friendly hotels are still a niche offer, there are several scattered throughout the area and the hope is that availability will expand more and more in the coming years. In the meantime, once we have decided where to spend our holidays (whether short or long), if we can, we can spend some time doing a thorough search on the internet and staying in an eco hotel.



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