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When is a hotel eco-friendly? 5 criteria

How do you recognize if a hotel is ecological and sustainable.

How do you recognize if a hotel is ecological and sustainable. When is a hotel eco friendly?

How can we understand when a hotel is truly ecological and respectful of the environment? Many hotels today claim to be sustainable, but how many really care about their environmental and community impact?

This is a very sensitive question. This is why we have decided to provide some tips on how to determine the credibility of a hotel that claims to be eco-friendly.

Five criteria for an eco-friendly hotel. When is a hotel green and sustainable?

1. Eco-friendly hotels undertake to measure and monitor their impact on the environment.

Hotels that are dedicated to measuring sustainability and monitoring aspects such as water and electricity consumption can certainly be defined as Eco friendly hotels. A green hotel relies on sustainable tourism certification programs, such as Green Key and Travelife, and of course they communicate that these certifications have been obtained at the reception.

While being certified or enrolled in a certification program doesn’t mean the hotel is completely “green”; however, it is indicative that it is at least working to make its activities more sustainable.

2. Eco-friendly hotels have a sustainability manager

Ensuring sustainability in hotel operations is a real job, which requires good experience. Hotels truly committed to environmental impact and sustainability have someone in charge. They are Managers responsible for the guarantee, the quality of services and cleaning, and all those sectors in which eco-intelligent decisions are particularly important.

3. Eco-friendly hotels are committed to providing healthy accommodation

A hotel that is dedicated to sustainability cannot fail to worry about things like allergies, and is committed to offering healthy, local food. By healthy accommodation we mean buildings, sheets, towels, cleaning detergents, and even furniture. All elements that should be non-toxic and made with natural materials.

4. Eco-friendly hotels are eco-smart and innovative

A hotel that wants to be green and sustainable should care about the responsible and intelligent use of water and energy. Eco-friendly hotels committed to being co-intelligent and innovative should communicate their use of renewable energy sources (the sun, or the wind, for example) and how they are committed to reducing water consumption per room, and the results of their commitment.

Minimizing waste is certainly an attitude that can be defined as eco-intelligent. So an eco hotel should have bulk soap dispensers and accessories made from recyclable materials. This isn’t easy to know before you’ve actually checked in. But we are committed to getting this information from the hotels

What we see more and more often – especially in luxury eco hotels – are charging stations for electric cars. Or eco hotels that have e-bikes. Both are really interesting services, not only for an eco friendly hotel. But these services really make sense where the electricity comes from renewable sources.

5. Eco-friendly hotels must be built on a human scale

Eco friendly hotels are attentive to their guests, as well as their staff, and also care about the local community. Satisfied and happy employees are more productive and stay with the hotel longer.

Food sharing programs are a great model of sustainable tourism: eco-hotel kitchens do not throw away food that is still good, in fact local charities can distribute food to the poor.



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